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Derrick’s Rants: Retargeting Tips To Tune Up Your Marketing Campaigns

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Retargeting Tips to tune up your marketing campaigns:

Search marketing has evolved tremendously through years and spawned internet marketing companies, consultants and my favorite SEO Gurus.

Today, many companies, consultants and gurus have to do more than they ever had to do in the past.  As the internet evolves, so do they.  Driving traffic to the company website is a primary goal for many marketers, but what is one to do when your web visitors leave without converting or buying something? You then must try and re-position your website to be back in front them- but how?


Retargeting can help keep your brand in the minds of your website visitors, and hopefully make them want to return to your website and take some type of action- whether purchasing something or signing up to ultimately increase your revenue.

Consider these retargeting optimization tips for getting the most … Read the rest

Why Blogging Is Good For SEO + Web Traffic

Since its inception the Internet has come to be greatly used by people all over the world. Whether a person wishes to go shopping or simply socialize with somebody across the country, they can do so. Because of its popularity, many websites have been developed to keep up with the demand. This is good for consumers but bad for people that want to stand out and sell their products or services. One method for gaining success is blogging; the practice is not limited to an individual with a hobby.

1. Blog Posts Are Considered Unique, Individual Pages

It is important to keep in mind that blogs can give its owner more indexed pages to present to a search engine. Each blog entry created is considered its own individual page; as such a search engine will index it separately. The more entries that are created, the more there is to be

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Google Changes its SERPs in a BIG Way

Originally published in May of 2010, WebProNews’ piece about Google’s updated SERP results page really hit home for a lot of users, so we’ve summarized it for you here.

Google’s new SERP page first and foremost makes the search options tab much more prominent than in the past. Users will find it hard to ignore how many different options they now have when searching including language, location, and type of results shown. In this regard, Google’s now not all that different from Yahoo or Bing.

So what does this mean for SEO hosting? Well, it’s definitely going to impact how users experience search, mostly because now they’re going to have the option to display many totally different sets of data – a craw in the cap for SEO. To prove this theory, Yahoo confirmed to WebProNews that when they added similar search options to their page a few months back, … Read the rest

Social Bookmarking & Social Networking

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