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Dealing With Personalized Search [INFOGRAPHIC]

Via Search Engine Journal

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What Is The Google Knowledge Graph?

Google’s Knowledge Graph is a new array of features that will be iteratively released into the search engine result pages for most common searches. The idea is that users will begin to be fed answers in much the same way that alternative engines such as AskJeeves works. Rather than searching for Grand Canyon National Park and then having to click on official site to find the information that one is looking for, the Google interface will begin to display panels (sometimes graphs but probably more often not) with pertinent information.

In the case of the Grand Canyon National Park query, details such as square footage, elevation, annual visitors and most of the other most searched basic information will be displayed. This creates a dilemma for many webmasters who have often relied on the ability to provide this information as a mechanism to gain organic traffic. In many cases, there will … Read the rest

Intermediate and Advanced Link Building: Part 2

In our last post, we went over some link building tools for the experienced SEO. In this post, we’ll continue with 5 more resources for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

The Power of Using Lists for Link Building
If you’re like me, you thrive on lists. This post illustrates the importance and power that lists have to develop online relationships so that other members of the internet community will link to your site.

Video Sitemap for Guide for Vimeo and YouTube
This great piece from Justin Hammack coaches you on the detailed of creating effective video content on Vimeo and YouTube that translates into back links for your site. The post also shows you how to create an effective video sitemap for your site that will make search engines notice.

Strategic Link Building: Why You Don’t Need to Outrun Lions
In this great David Klein article, the importance of focusing on … Read the rest

Intermediate and Advanced Link Building: Part 1

The importance of link building has been clear since the early days of search engines. The internet has grown up a lot since then, however, and link building has become an art requiring a fair amount of strategy from SEOs. Check out these articles that will boost your link building skills and your site’s SEO.

How Authorship and (Google+) Will Change Link Building
Tom Anthony takes us back in time for a brief history of link building in the post. From this¬†perspective, you’re are given a unique look at and understanding of exactly how link building works and how to apply it to your site.

What’s Better – On Page SEO or Link Building?
In this post, Peter Meyers takes you through the basics of what kind of SEO breakdown you want when it comes to budgetary and time constraints. The post details four hypothetical case studies of good … Read the rest

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