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How to Integrate SEO and Your Copywriting Successfully

Stoney deGeyter recently wrote a great piece at Search Engine Guide about how to go after the keywords you want, without being spammy.

Remember the days of old school SEO where it was all about getting the keyword on the page as often as possible so the engines would pick it up? No more. Now it’s all about the nuance of where to put the keyword on the page and integrating it seamlessly into the content. You content now has to be useful, educational and enjoyable to the reader – what a novel concept!

Getting SEO to work properly requires teamwork with both the SEO consultant and the copywriter. Remember that it’s not the copywriter’s job to go out and do keyword research; the SEO must do the preliminary keyword selection and give the assignment to the copywriter. After this step, actually integrating the keyword(s) into the content is the … Read the rest

What’s Going to Happen to DMOZ?

DMOZ, the most famous “Open Directory Project” on the web just celebrated its 11th birthday last year and made it clear that they felt they were losing ground in search. So do they still have a place at the table?

Google’s very own Matt Cutts addressed a version of this question recently when a disgruntled user asked why Google even paid attention to DMOZ at all since the site had a less than squeaky clean reputation and often didn’t show relevant data.

Matt’s response? DMOZ was still an important Google tool for many users, particularly in other countries than the US. In China or Japan, for example, typing can be cumbersome and a single query can take a lot of time, so it’s helpful to have a service like DMOZ that users can browse and click through.

He went on to say that Google doesn’t place as … Read the rest

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