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Dealing With Personalized Search [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Derrick’s Rants: +1 Your Way To The Top With Google+

Photo via Simon Owen Design

Have you Facebooked lately? Perhaps you’ve Tweeted out that link back to your site to self promote yourself or your services so as to grow your brand/personal brand/etc… Yeah, I know. You’re a social maniac, great- but so is everyone in the SEO game. However, by focusing all your attention  to the major social channels, you are guilty of not play nicely with the still-relatively new kid on the block G+.

What? You’re not using Google Plus? You’re missing out! Your website could be ranking in the top 10 already.

Did you know there are currently 250 million users on Google+ and 150 million active users (according to Google June 28, 2012). Google had predicted in January, it would have 450 million users by the end of 2012. Well, they’re more than half way there right now. The question remains, however, are people actually using … Read the rest

SEO Weekly Digest: 6/4 – 6/8

Hello readers! It’s Friday and time for the Weekly Digest! We’ve listed the blog posts and links we’ve shared from the week.

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SEO Web Hosting blog posts from the week:

What Is SEO Hosting? 

Website Migration Tips For SEOs

Characteristics Of An Under-Optimized Site

SEO Web Hosting links from the week:

Identifying And Fixing Your Worst Landing Pages 

Local SEOs Analyze Current Google Search Ranking Factors

SEO Leaders Share Their Best Career Advice

The Impact Of Authoritative Links…

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5 Ways to Adjust to the Penguin Update

Photo by ChiaLynn

If you have been a webmaster for long, you know that Google updates its algorithm from time to time. When it makes a big update, it can affect a lot of sites and make them rank lower in search engine rankings. Recently, they had a major algorithm update known as “Penguin.” This particular update analyzed websites that were trying to over optimize and used unnatural link practices. If your site was negatively affected by this update, it doesn’t mean that you have to scrap your website and start over again. There are ways that you can bounce back from Google Penguin and start doing well again.

Vary the Anchor Text

If you were hurt by Google Penguin, there’s a good chance that you used the same link text in a lot of your inbound links. Everyone knows that you have to do a little bit of link … Read the rest

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