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SEOWH Community Newsletter Volume 2, Issue 3

Happy Spring, and welcome to the SEOWebHosting Monthly Newsletter!

As always, we’ll keep our content short and to the point.

What’s New?

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We changed the SEOWebHosting Facebook page over to the new “Timeline” format.

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What’s Next?

Search Conferences Worth Your Time

Here’s a few upcoming SEO and search engine marketing conferences you may want to check out.

a. SMX Toronto

This conference is the place to be if you’re a search marketer interested in workshops and networking activities. A great idea for industry professionals across all skill levels. Click here to learn more.

b. SES Toronto

The leading international conference for webmasters, digital agencies, and online marketers

Read the rest

7 Tips For Safe Social Networking

Social networking is an incredibly useful tool both in social and professional settings. It’s important, however, to keep your information safe from spammers and hackers who want nothing more than an “in” to your personal data. Follow these tips to help minimize the risk of attack or misuse of your information.

1. Create a strong password and update often
Intuitive? Maybe. Imperative? Definitely. Creating a strong password is the probably the single best way to protect yourself against hacks. Avoid using your own name, nick names, dictionary words or common acronyms in your password. Use capitalized and lowercase letters, numbers and specials characters to add complexity and security. Also remember not to use the same password for multiple accounts. Finally, change your existing passwords every few months to add another layer of security.  Sound like a lot to remember? Use free password management systems like KeePass or MyPadlock to keep … Read the rest

How to use FBML to make your Facebook business page unique

What’s more important for a small business owner in the age of digital media than having a business profile page on Facebook? With Facebook eyeing an increased role in search, it doesn’t behoove any SMB not to have the giant on their radar screen Continue reading

What Factors Cause a Facebook Page to Rank Highly?

Manoj Jarsa over at Search Engine Guide had a few great tips a while back for getting your Facebook Pages to rank highly. We thought they were so good, we’ve re-summarized them for you here…

Many businesses are choosing to put up Facebook pages (some in lieu of a traditional website!) since they’re so user friendly and have a built in interactive component. Since most website visits still start with a traditional search, it’s important to know how to optimize your Facebook page so it shows up when you need it to, particularly if the page is a big part of your online presence.

There are a lot of factors that will boost a given Facebook page to the top of ranking, and though they’re all still just speculative, here are some of the most likely candidates:

Your Number of Followers – One of the only metrics we have to … Read the rest

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