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Derrick’s Rants: Retargeting Tips To Tune Up Your Marketing Campaigns

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Retargeting Tips to tune up your marketing campaigns:

Search marketing has evolved tremendously through years and spawned internet marketing companies, consultants and my favorite SEO Gurus.

Today, many companies, consultants and gurus have to do more than they ever had to do in the past.  As the internet evolves, so do they.  Driving traffic to the company website is a primary goal for many marketers, but what is one to do when your web visitors leave without converting or buying something? You then must try and re-position your website to be back in front them- but how?


Retargeting can help keep your brand in the minds of your website visitors, and hopefully make them want to return to your website and take some type of action- whether purchasing something or signing up to ultimately increase your revenue.

Consider these retargeting optimization tips for getting the most … Read the rest

4 Major Link Building Strategies

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What are linking strategies? They are more important than key words, ad campaigns, or nearly any other aspect of SEO. Think of each legal link to your site as a vote worth a certain amount of points. These all add up to tell the search engines how important your site it. Be careful ere though, the wrong links to bad hat linking strategies will have the opposite effect. Here are four basic strategies to get you started online:

1. Create a blog for your website. 

a. Include a link to your main homepage and relevant products and the blogs homepage with every post.

b. Include code text that plants these links and a link back to that post into the text anytime someone tries to copy content.

c. Include easy to click and use RSS or ATOM feed buttons on both the parent site and the blog.… Read the rest

Three Reasons to Utilize Video Content

Are you using video content on your site? If your answer is no, you’ve got some work to do! Check out these three reasons why video content is so important for your site and how you can use it to get ahead of the curve.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marking is the idea that reaching out to consumers and providing them with meaningful information can prove to be a much more effective marketing strategy than bombarding them with in-your-face advertisements. Because the internet is driven by information, inbound marketing is especially useful for turning visits into conversions.

Enter: video content. Quality videos should be among your top priorities in your inbound marketing strategy. By offering videos that are informative and relevant to your product, you give potential customers what they want without annoying them. In engaging visitors, your site and product get exposure to the people who are most likely to … Read the rest

5 Traits of Great SEOs

If you think that SEO is just a matter of searching for keywords and phrases, stuffing them into the content of your website and looking at google searches all day, you are terribly mistaken! There is a great deal to search engine optimization and the people who do it, either exclusively or as part of their role at your company, have a lot of skills that they need to master.  Here are 6 of them.

1. Know the Professional Side of SEO
This is one that can overlooked regularly. There is a lot to being a good SEO, but professionalism is, arguably, of the highest priority. With today’s competitive market sometimes it’s the only thing that differentiates you from others. It isn’t just about having a good bed-side manner. It’s about being a good problem solver, able to handle the different issues that may come up. It’s about being good … Read the rest

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