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SEO Tools: The Web Developer’s Interactive Cheatsheet for SEO and Open Graph

One of the best resources for developers to surface on the internet in the past couple of years was the “Web Developer’s Cheatsheet for SEO.” Originally featured on SEOMoz, this tool helped developers generate tags quickly and efficiently, and consequently easily boost their search rankings.

Ray Grieselhuber (a contributor to the SOEMoz blog) has taken this approach and improved it to a great degree. Using the same basic idea of tag generation, Grieselhuber has created an interactive tool that not only acts a cheat sheet for SEO, but also for the open graph by generating open graph tags in addition to HTML tags.

The Web Developer’s Interactive Cheatsheet for SEO and the Open Graph is particularly useful when taking into account the impact of being able to easily share sites across social networks like Facebook. More information from the creator himself can be found here.

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API and Dataset Sheet – Building Quick Useful Tools

Posted by willcritchlow

I recently wrote a post on hacking together a linkbuilding tool where I set myself a challenge of learning a bunch of new technologies in 2 hours in order to be able to build a basic linkbuilding tool. I learnt just enough YQL, xpath, Python and Google App Engine to do the job. Since then I’ve put this to use in at least one tool that’s actually helping me and my team do our jobs better.

Inspired by this (and encouraged by Kate Morris, a recent addition to the Distilled team), I started putting together a cheatsheet of the basic YQL and xpath I had learnt. In the end, it turned into that plus inspiration of APIs and datasets that could make great starting points for tools (either for research or for creating linkworthy content):

Download it: API and data cheatsheet

API and data sources cheatsheet

Or link to it: API and Read the rest

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