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What Makes Someone Leave A Website [INFOGRAPHIC]

This fantastic infographic from Kissmetrics breaks down the key design mistakes that drive traffic away from your site. Great for those considering (or in the midst of) a redesign.

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Big Bad Bounce Rates Beat Up Your Rankings?

I read some Dr. Seuss books to my youngest this morning so I’m all about the rhyming and alliteration. WebProNews had an article this week discussing how and if bounce rate is now a factor Google takes into account. It’s a great article, they have several quotes from industry experts and provide some inconclusive, although intriguing, results. Definitely worth the read/skim.

Rehashing the info seems kind of pointless so I’m going to talk about how big of an issue this really is. It seems the SEO industry has been concerned with this issue for several years now, but I don’t get it. Yes, it would be great if we had more insite into Google’s algorithm. Let’s be honest though, even if you knew all 200+ aspects of what goes into ranking sites, you’re only going to focus on the most important ones. Which is what we’re all kind of doing … Read the rest

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