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Small Business Web Design Best Practices

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As a small business owner, it can be very difficult to jump into the big wide world of the web. Your expertise does not lie in the web, so it’s normal to feel a bit uncomfortable when starting to develop a website for your business. However, there are some very simple tips that you can use to avoid most of the major mistakes that small business owners make when starting their websites.

The very first thing that most small businesses forget to consider is the fact that the website is made not for them, but for the visitors. Many small business owners prefer to create a website that looks good in their own opinion, instead of considering how their potential customers will view it. Make sure to think about your target market and create a layout, graphics, and content that makes sense for your … Read the rest

SEO: 5 Dos and 5 Don’ts

Most of us know there are good and bad ways of going about SEO. In the game of climbing to get to the top of search results, however, sometimes it can be tempting to give yourself an unfair advantage. Not sure if you’re crossing the line? Below is a short refresher about what is and what isn’t kosher in a variety of SEO situations.

5 Dos

1) Write good content.
There’s no substitute for good, original, and relevant copy. Taking the time and energy to really hone in on having this will take your far.

2) Get people talking.
Don’t just focus on your website, but get people talking on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube about your product or service. This will ultimately give you more links in search results and more visits to your site.

3) Provide an XML sitemap.
This is not only helpful to the lost visitor, but … Read the rest

Best Practices for Google’s Panda Update

Google’s Panda update, initially rolled out early in 2011, affected the traffic of thousands of sites across the Web, including some high-profile sites.

The search algorithm update, which was named after the Google engineer who initiated the changes, placed a greater emphasis on usability and quality than previous updates, primarily in an effort to promote the ranking of high-quality sites. In turn, the Panda update negatively affected sites considered “spammy” with little-to-no quality content, as well as so-called content sites that quickly spin articles based on previously common SEO practices.

If your website was negatively affected by Panda, or if you’re building a new site and want to optimize it for Google’s new rules, follow these best practices for dealing with Panda.

Content is King

Filling your site with high-quality, useful and unique content is the most important factor in dealing with Panda. If your site is filled with low-quality … Read the rest

SEOWH Resource Round-Up

For the last couple of months, we at SEOWH have used our blog and social media channels to share informative links with our audience. We thought we’d put them all in one place for easy access. Enjoy an array of articles on everything from SEO best practices to keyword research and more! We want the resources we provide to be useful, so please feel free to comment with topic ideas and suggestions.

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