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10 Things I Learned From Web 2.0 Founding Fathers

Tumblr and foursquare are two very successful social networking sites. One thing they have in common is they were are created by young masterminds. Tumblr, founded by David Karp, is on of the most popular social networking sites in the world wide webs getting over six million weekly visits. Foursquare, founded by Dennis Crowley and co-founded by Naveen Selvadurai, is a mobile social networking site focused on the user´s preferences and whereabouts. I took a couple of hours to listen to what these entrepreneurs had to say on their individual TechCrunch interviews . It’s always a good thing to get knowledge straight from the source so heres few tips I was able to pick up from them.

What I learned from David Karp the founder of Tumblr:
(Video here –

• Find mentors and listen to them.

• There are no great schools for software engineering.

• If … Read the rest