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Influencer Throwdown – Notes from SXSWi 2011 Part 3

I know from all the spam comments I just deleted that you’re all very excited to ge the latest post from my SXSWi 2011 notes. A few things to mention before I get started. First, I got to see Mike Tyson promoting his new iPhone/iPad game, Main Event. I tried the new game and wasn’t really impressed, but the real Tyson did make an appearance so that was pretty epic. Second, If you’ve never been you need to go. Attending this conference should go on your bucket list. Yes, it’s that awesome. Without further ado, here are my notes from the Influencer Throwdown:

Influencer Throwdown

  • Is influence the same as voice? No!
  • Does awareness drive sales?
  • Influence has a lot to do with how you react to things online and how comfortable you are with your online voice.
  • You’ll have greater influence with a relatively smaller and more
  • Read the rest

How to use FBML to make your Facebook business page unique

What’s more important for a small business owner in the age of digital media than having a business profile page on Facebook? With Facebook eyeing an increased role in search, it doesn’t behoove any SMB not to have the giant on their radar screen Continue reading

Using Social Media Profiles to Build Up Your SEO

Most people know that social media is extremely valuable for SEO, but even some advanced marketers are at a loss for how to harness the power of this medium. Here five ideas are presented for making the most out of these profiles. Continue reading

Twittering to Help Increase Indexation

SEOmoz’s Caseyhen recently posted about how to use Twitter to help your index numbers and we’ve summarized the article for you here on our SEO hosting blog.

Earlier this year, people began talking about how to use Twitter to get pages indexed and indexed faster. It makes sense as many people tweet links all day long…would tweeting a whole sitemap encourage Google to index a page faster?

The Experiment:

It all started with 15 people who often tweet about new products with between 75 and 1500 followers. There were lots of statistics monitored over the course of the experiment including retweets, indexation date and time, and number of followers. The test ran with each Twitter account using one of the following:

-Twitter link only – 48 hours with no internal links and just a Twitter post

-Site Architecture Only – No Twitter post, just a good clean sitemap and site … Read the rest