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Webinar: The 5 myths of SEO revealed!

Even if you think you know a lot about SEO…even if you’re an SEO whiz who sells search engine optimization services to local businesses all day…there might still be something you’re missing.

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In this free online workshop (exclusive to customers!), Erica Douglass, SEO and traffic whiz, reveals what other SEO professionals won’t:

  • How she used SEO to get her former web hosting company’s website (not a content website) to a Google PageRank 7 (yes, 7) and earned over $250,000 in new annual revenue from SEO.
  • What’s working in the SEO industry today–and what’s not working. (It probably isn’t what you think, and it’s definitely not what the big industry blogs are preaching.)
  • How the Google Farmer update really affected sites, based on graphs of hundreds of different keywords and sites from her SEO customers.
  • Do relevant links really work? What is a “relevant” link, anyway?
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