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Bad Things Happen to SEO Overoptimizers

SEO genius Rand Fishkin over at SEO Moz has some thoughts about “overdoing” SEO, what it looks like, and how to avoid it. Continue reading

Google Rolls Out Analytics App Gallery

Due to the growing number of developers coming up with a variety of applications that extend its Analytics Service, Google decided to compile all of these apps into the new Google Analytics App Gallery.  The gallery currently contains around 32 interesting Google Analytics apps contributed by some of Google Certified developers and partners.

The Google Analytics App Gallery has around 12 categories which include site audit, campaign management, content management and more. In those categories you’ll find Analytics apps such as the Analyticator for WordPress, WordStream Keyword Management for CEO and even the Analytics HD. Yup it’s the Google Analytics App for iPad.

My personal favorite is the Anayltics Visualizations app powered by  the Google Analytics API and JuiceKit. This app displays the most frequently used search keywords and how they are used together.

Google will also be rolling out a new set of AdWords reports to the Google Analytics … Read the rest

How to improve SEO of your website quickly

Following are small quickies you should DIY for cheap and quick SEO of your site.

Choose good keywords
Time spent researching and selecting the best keywords will be time well spent. Get this step right and you will reap the rewards further down the line. However, if you fail at this stage your future efforts could be in vain. To help you achieve the most effective keywords take a look at these keyword research tools.

Always use the title tag
The title tag is one of the most important tags when it comes to search engine optimisation. Write a unique title tag for each page on your web site. The title tag should accurately reflect the page content, should make sense to visitors and should also include your keywords or phrases, ideally at the beginning of the tag.

Write a good Meta Description tag
While the Meta Description tag will … Read the rest

Competitive Intelligence in SEO & Social Media

Understanding thy competition is a golden rule in any kind of business, ranging from online marketing to politics to running the local mom & pop corner grocery store.

Joanna Lord has put together a pretty good wrap up of competitive intel tracking and signals over at SEOmoz this morning : Competitive Intelligence: Purpose & Process, with an emphasis on the evolution and growth of a brand or business. In the current economic rebound and online marketing landscape where new outlets like Facebook (let’s face it, Facebook is the Internet for A LOT of normal Americans), Foursquare and Twitter along with new emerging social and search oriented trends and disciplines such as guest blogging, blogger outreach and integrated PR strategies, brand evolution in competitive intel is a fluid and dynamic field.

As marketers, the idea of pausing is equated with losing momentum which scares the hell out of us all. This

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