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Infographic: The Periodic Table Of SEO Ranking Factors

The good people at SearchEngineLand put together a fantastic resource earlier this year that breaks down SEO ranking factors in the style of a periodic table. A useful infographic for both the n00b and the SEO pro.

Click the image to see a larger version, or download the PDF from SearchEngineLand here.

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Google Turns Everyone Into A SEO Expert

At least for AdWords they’re trying to with Google Engage. In an announcement back in January, one in a long line of great announcements that boost Google’s PR and bottom line, they now have a free program called Google Engage to help SMBs (everyone) learn how to offer AdWords services to their clients. Think if it as “AdWords for the rest of us.” It really seems like a great program and I’m probably coming off too negative here. Obviously, the more people using AdWords the more money Google makes. But… I’m a big proponent of AdWords first and organic rankings second. Learn and fail quickly doesn’t happen when you spend months growing organic rankings. It happens by throwing some money at traffic for a few months and doing a really thorough job tracking conversions. As long as you’re prepared to eat that initial AdWords investment you’ll end up with data … Read the rest

Zemanta, EightFold Logic, Whitespark, and MyBlogGuest – 4 Great New Linkbuilding Services

Rand Fishkin over at SEOmoz really knows his stuff and he’s taken some time to highlight what he believes are four of the best new linkbuilding services around. In no particular order they are Zemanta, MyBlogGuest, Eightfold Logic and WhiteSpark. Continue reading

SEOmoz Releases New LinkScape Update

Linkscape, SEOmoz’s wonderful tool for pulling all sorts of useful data from web results was recently updated again, and Rand Fishkin had a few things to point out.

The tool pulls an enormous amount of data for its monthly scheduled run. Some of the more impressive statistics are below:

  • Pages – 40,152,060,523
  • Subdomains – 284,336,725
  • Root Domains – 91,539,345
  • Links – 420,049,105,986
  • % of Nofollowed Links – 2.02%
  • % of Nofollows on Internal Links – 58.7%
  • % of Nofollows on External Links – 41.3%
  • % of Pages w/ Rel Canonical – 4.3%

The data shows that Nofollows and Rel Canonicals are down slightly overall whereas it’s actually up for the entire year. This definitely has a lot to do with the data selection.

One of the most common requests to SEOmoz is the ability to track specific sites’ metrics over time. This present challenges mainly in that the data differs … Read the rest