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Dealing With Your Local Search Clients in 2011

Through her work with SEOs, Miriam Ellis has determined a short list of best practices which she believes to be instrumental to a clean, successful local search strategy which she outlines in this article. She offers her advice to SEO practitioners on providing the best guidance possible to clients who seek to improve their Local SEO performance.
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The Six Best New Tools for SEO This Year

Rand Fishkin, SEO extraordinaire, recently came out with a list of the tools he thinks are changing SEO right now, and recaps… Continue reading

SEO Predictions 2011: Rand Fishkin’s Thoughts

In a recent article, SEO guru Rand Fishkin takes a look back at how his 2010 SEO predictions fared and prepared a new list for 2011 as well. Find the original article here:

Overall, Rand’s past year predictions have been relatively accurate. With a couple of exceptions, he hit the nail on the head in saying that Google’s going to further hone it’s treatment of Tweets and predicting that Google’s dominance would continue to grow closer to 80% of market share through the year. He was less accurate in predicting that SEO spending would continue to rise dramatically and that Conversion Rate Optimization would soon be thrust to the forefront of the SEO industry.

Offering 7 new SEO predictions for 2011, Rand assumes that some trends in the industry will continue. His predictions are:

1. Someone will finally prove that clicks and number of visitors to a site improve Read the rest

Google’s “Change Location” Put to the Test

Back in December, SEO Moz’s Dr. Pete and a few of his friends ran a small Local Search experiment to test the effectiveness of Google’s “Change Location” search feature. Continue reading