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Interviewing Andrew Chang, LinkedIn’s Marketing Manager

Manoj Jasra of Search Engine Guide had the opportunity last year to interview Andrew Chang, the marketing manager for none other than LinkedIn. Here are the highlights:

Manoj started by asking how LinkedIn fits in to the Business to Business equation as they were set to speak on B2B at an upcoming conference.

Chang responded that LinkedIn’s millions of daily visitors come from all walks of life but share in common a professionalism that makes them highly desirable targets for B2B companies. LinkedIn Direct Ads is a new service created by the company that offers inhouse PPC services for advertisers attempting to reach out to clients of the site, placing text ads on prominent pages to reach specific users.

For example, one of the company’s biggest advertisers attempts to sell Master’s Degree Program enrollments to primary school teachers, a sector that over a hundred thousand LinkedIn users identify themselves as … Read the rest

August 2010 PRO Training Seminar

Rand Fishkin was excited about last year’s PRO Training Seminar, so we summarized his man points for you here.

He starts by talking about the top 5 ways the SEOmoz PRO seminar was better than others…

1. Tips as content – While some conferences try to sell you on their content, the PRO seminar focuses on applicable tips that businesses can apply immediately. The sessions are meant to make attendees smarter and faster in the world of SEO and SEO web hosting.

2. Good speakers and deep dives – Instead of cramming four or five panelists on a one hour session, PRO gets the best speakers in line for some really meaty discussions, offering only a few sessions a day. With only 14 presenters for the entire conference it’s important to note that you can only become a speaker by invitation.

3. Incentives for all Particpants – Rather than bleeding … Read the rest

Get Yourself that Awesome SEO Job

Danny Dover released a really great whiteboard a while back discussing how to get an SEO job. We thought it was so valuable, we summarized it for you here.

Step One:

Apply for internships wherever they’re available. Start Ups are a great resource since they often need people and will provide a great learning environment but can’t pay much. Another option is to make large companies an offer they can’t turn down like working for free and providing your own laptop. Really, there’s little disadvantage to any company for accepting an intern, so try just putting yourself out there.

Step Two:

Get in there and start working! Build test sites to hone your skills and see how adept you are at targeting long tail terms. Another great way to get applicable experience is to help non-profits and charities build out their sites since they, too, often have little funds to … Read the rest

Reporting a Problem on Google Maps

Search Engine Guide’s very own Miriam Ellis recently put out a piece about handling the numerous issues on Google Maps which we’re summarizing for you here:

Google Maps users are certainly used to finding issues and problems when they use the service from incorrect addresses to bad photos to wrong directions. Most people are clueless how to respond to these problems, but there are a few ironclad rules that help reporting and fixing these issues get you farther. The Google Maps Help Forum is notoriously bad about getting back to customers and complaints are often unresponded to for long periods of time.

The author uses an example of her own that was based upon a search for “lamp stores” in which the SERP results on Google Local showed a seven pack comprised entirely of auto repair businesses. When clicking through into “more results”, the same results showed, interspersed with some … Read the rest