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Got Mobile SEO But No Mobile Website?

That’s like having milk without any cookies. Or beer without… more beer. What good is ranking well for mobile searches if your visitors can’t navigate your site on their favorite mobile device? Exactly. It doesn’t really matter other than maybe to boost your traffic and probably your bounce rate as well.

Guess who else doesn’t like mobile incompatible sites ranking in mobile search results?
You guessed it! Our bff Google wants your site to be mobile device friendly if they’re going to list it in the mserps. It’s almost become expected that if Google wants us to do something they’ll provide us with a free tool and this is no different. Google has launched a free mobile site creator. You don’t need to code anything. Just work with one of the predefined templates for restaurants, local biz, lead gen, e-commerce, or create your own.

This service comes along with

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Google Turns Everyone Into A SEO Expert

At least for AdWords they’re trying to with Google Engage. In an announcement back in January, one in a long line of great announcements that boost Google’s PR and bottom line, they now have a free program called Google Engage to help SMBs (everyone) learn how to offer AdWords services to their clients. Think if it as “AdWords for the rest of us.” It really seems like a great program and I’m probably coming off too negative here. Obviously, the more people using AdWords the more money Google makes. But… I’m a big proponent of AdWords first and organic rankings second. Learn and fail quickly doesn’t happen when you spend months growing organic rankings. It happens by throwing some money at traffic for a few months and doing a really thorough job tracking conversions. As long as you’re prepared to eat that initial AdWords investment you’ll end up with data … Read the rest

+1′s and Touchy Feely Search Results

I’m a little behind on posting about Google’s fairly recent +1s announcement. You can look at this as Google’s version of the Facebook “Like” button. Only I’m sure will use the info gathered by the +1s in a much more effective way.

The benefits of the +1 to you as a user of Google should be more relevant search results based on what your network likes. +1ing something will be like saying, “This is cool, and I know other people will want to see this, but it’s not time sensitive, and so I’ll dog ear this result for later.” It’s also very dependent on who your Google profile is connected to. Although Google did say they may expand that sphere of influence in the future. In general, it seems Google is trying to get more touchy feely with it’s search results. The belief is the more relational your results … Read the rest

Bing/Yahoo Organic Results Transition Complete


WebProNews posted a short piece concerning the facts behind the long-rumored Bing and Yahoo! search results merger, and we’re here to summarize it for you.

Bing announced in 2010 that it had begun transitioning Bing results into Yahoo! results which is a byproduct of the merger between Microsoft and Yahoo corporations. As of now, the merger of both US and Canadian results is complete and users can expect to find merged SERPs in the instances of content, images, and video on both desktop and mobile browsers.

Shasi Seth, Yahoo’s VP of Search Products says, “”With this week’s milestone behind us, Yahoo! will continue to drive technology innovation in the search experience to bring more value to users and advertisers alike. We are focused on creating rich, immersive experiences that foster serendipitous discovery for people across the Yahoo! network.  As we shared last week, we are also working hard on … Read the rest