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Zemanta, EightFold Logic, Whitespark, and MyBlogGuest – 4 Great New Linkbuilding Services

Rand Fishkin over at SEOmoz really knows his stuff and he’s taken some time to highlight what he believes are four of the best new linkbuilding services around. In no particular order they are Zemanta, MyBlogGuest, Eightfold Logic and WhiteSpark. Continue reading

Setting the Right Micro Goals for Your Social Media Campaign

Search Engine guide’s Jennifer Laycock recently wrote about how to understand the small goals you’ve set for your social media campaign. The article served as a tandem piece about developing goals, breaking them up into smaller pieces, and matching goals to the tactics that work.

The process she described meant starting with one large goal, then breaking that goal up into more manageable pieces, after which you’d determine what media to use to accomplish the goals. After a couple of months you’d evaluate how well you did in accomplishing the goals. This is a good strategy, but a few more details certainly couldn’t hurt.

Understanding the Micro

Micro goals for social media live in the gray area of a campaign, in the space where things can really go right or wrong. People who are generally new to social media focus on these oftentimes, and they consist of things like number … Read the rest

Brand New Websites: SEO Company Perspective

It’s an unfortunate fact – no matter how good your search engine optimization company or in-house talent is, brand new websites have a more difficult time achieving search engine success for competitive phrases than their older counterparts, particularly on Google.

However, the worst thing that a new site owner can possibly do is presume that they are “too late to the game” and decide not to pursue this marketing channel at all. A good search engine optimization company should be able to effectively work with a new website; setting the foundation for a remarkable success story while still achieving steadily increasing short-term benefit.

The Issues

There are many reasons why new websites face an uphill battle. What follows are only a few of the major stumbling blocks:

The Google Sandbox

There is much debate as to what exactly the Google Sandbox is, and even debate as to whether it actually … Read the rest

Links are Not Created Equal: Illustrations on Valuation of Links

Posted by randfish

In 1997, Google’s founders created an algorithmic method to determine importance and popularity based on several key principles:

  • Links on the web can be interpreted as votes that are cast by the source for the target
  • All votes are, initially, considered equal
  • Over the course of executing the algorithm on a link graph, pages which receive more votes become more important
  • More important pages cast more important votes
  • The votes a page can cast are a function of that page’s importance, divided by the number of votes/links it casts

That algorithm, of course, was PageRank, and it changed the course of web search, providing tremendous value to Google’s early efforts around quality and relevancy in results. As knowledge of PageRank spread, those with a vested interest in influencing the search rankings (SEOs) found ways to leverage this information for their websites and pages.

But, Google didn’t stand … Read the rest