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10 New Google Algorithm Changes You Should Know

You can’t beat the Official Google blog when you’re looking for up-to-the-nanosecond updates in their algorithm. 

Although they make hundreds upon hundreds of evaluation, ranking and algorithmic changes per year, they’ve been especially active in the last couple weeks, and recently reported on ten of the more exciting updates they’ve implemented. Here’s a rundown for you (compliments of the Google Blog).

Also, here’s an informative video that looks into the methodology behind Google’s search ranking, evaluation and algorithm changes. Great stuff!

  • Cross-language information retrieval updates: For queries in languages where limited web content is available (Afrikaans, Malay, Slovak, Swahili, Hindi, Norwegian, Serbian, Catalan, Maltese, Macedonian, Albanian, Slovenian, Welsh, Icelandic), we will now translate relevant English web pages and display the translated titles directly below the English titles in the search results. This feature was available previously in Korean, but only at the bottom of the page. Clicking on the translated

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Google Turns Everyone Into A SEO Expert

At least for AdWords they’re trying to with Google Engage. In an announcement back in January, one in a long line of great announcements that boost Google’s PR and bottom line, they now have a free program called Google Engage to help SMBs (everyone) learn how to offer AdWords services to their clients. Think if it as “AdWords for the rest of us.” It really seems like a great program and I’m probably coming off too negative here. Obviously, the more people using AdWords the more money Google makes. But… I’m a big proponent of AdWords first and organic rankings second. Learn and fail quickly doesn’t happen when you spend months growing organic rankings. It happens by throwing some money at traffic for a few months and doing a really thorough job tracking conversions. As long as you’re prepared to eat that initial AdWords investment you’ll end up with data … Read the rest

Google Instant Incites an Unwarranted SEO Panic

In light of the recent Google algorithmic changes that go hand in hand with Google Instant, Rand Fishkin wrote a great post over at SEOmoz that we summarized here.

Turns out, the long tail was not affected.

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Microsoft Search Results now being shown by Yahoo

Back in 2010, WebProNews started reporting on the Yahoo and Microsoft merger and how that affected search results. At that time, up to 25% of results shown on Yahoo were coming from Microsoft and up to 3.5% of paid ads were coming from Microsoft’s ad network.

Yahoo’s VP of search stated, “The primary change for these tests is that the listings are coming from Microsoft, however, the overall page should look the same as the Yahoo! Search you’re used to – with rich content and unique tools and features from Yahoo!. If you happen to fall into our tests, you might also notice some differences in how we’re displaying select search results due to a variety of product configurations we are testing.”

For SEO, Microsoft’s team provides the following helpful hints:

  1. Keep comparing rankings in Yahoo and Bing to find out which keywords make the most sense for you to
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