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Making SEO Work Calls for a Good Story…

Oftentimes it’s important to remind clients that the key to successful SEO strategies revolve around creating content that make people want to visit your site. After you get them there, this very same content must persuade them to buy whatever you’re selling…it has to work both ways. Continue reading

Location-Based Social Networking for Events & Conferences – An Interview with Foursquare

Posted by Sam Crocker

Hi there folks!

Today we are going to take a look into Foursquare and, more specifically, we’re going to check out how to use it for events and conferences and uncover some of the answers to the questions that aren’t as easily avilable through the Foursquare site.

Quick Background on Foursquare

So, we’re not going to waste too much time on an introduction to Foursquare, because hopefully you’ve already been focussing on ways to incorporate this into your marketing plan. The implications for any business with a storefront or actual address are fairly straightforward, though the implications for online brands are a bit more difficult to tap into.

It’s Not just for Stalking! (Image via: Geek and Poke)

I had originally prepared a post dedicated to Foursquare and its impact on local and small businesses, however it seems SEO Doctor was one step ahead of me … Read the rest

A Quick Missing Page Audit

Dr. Pete over at SEOmoz recently posted about the quick ways he’s created to solve some pretty complex problems and since we found his article so useful, we’ve summarized it for you here.

One of the more common problems in SEO is the missing page, i.e. Why Isn’t My Page Showing Up in Google? This problem can also be applied in other ways such as: why isn’t my page indexed? Or why isn’t my page ranking? Did it get penalized?

First 30 Seconds:

Confirm that the page has been indexed by using the Google site: command to search for it. If the page shows up, it’s indexed so it’s there…somewhere. Always use the root domain for this job.

30 Seconds to 1 Minute:

Confirm that it hasn’t in fact been indexed. Use the same site: command and also try the /folder option if nothing shows up.

1 Minute to 1:30:… Read the rest

A Comprehensive SEO Checklist for Your E-Commerce Site

Blue Hat, a relative newcomer to the SEO hosting blog scene recently put out a pretty comprehensive checklist for e-commerce sites on SEO that we’ve summarized for you here. Remember that all these opinions are not necessarily reflective of those here at our seo hosting blog…

A lot of e-commerce site owners don’t even know where to begin when it comes to SEO. Many have paltry budgets, so here’s a pretty good list of things you can do to get your SEO off the ground for less than about $500…

1. Sign Up with all forums related to your site or product. Be sure to put your site link in the footer of your comments and go through weekly making product comments and posting useful (not spammy!) information.

2. Make free OSCommerce and Zencart templates that you can distribute. Get your link on the footer of the templates and … Read the rest