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Identifying Opportunities using Google’s Webmaster Tools Search Queries Report

Tom_C, head of keyword research over at SEOmoz recently posted about capturing the opportunities on your site that are low effort but high reward which we’ve summarized for you here.

There’s a great tool out there, the new search queries report in Google Webmaster Tools that makes this happen easier than ever.

The first step…

…is to gather the fruit. That means that you’ve got to do some research on your keyword terms in WMT and make sure to filter your results for the country you’re aiming for. The more filtered you are, the more accurate and helpful your results will be. After you’ve filtered, download the whole thing to Excel.

The second step…

…is to identify your fruit. This means you’ve got to do some replacements in Excel to get rid of dummy data, and once you do that, you should have a smaller list of keyterms that will … Read the rest

All Good Content Starts Here: Keyword Research

by Stoney deGeyter

One of the great things about developing content for your website is that, with a little research, you can know exactly who your target audience is and how create content to meet their needs. Spending a few minutes before setting pen-to-paper, or fingers-to-keys, can tell you just about everything you need to know about what types of things people are searching for on the web. From that, you can determine what kind of content you need to reach your audience.

All I need  to do is divine from what I know of you...Using keyword research tools provided by the search engines and third party keyword platforms can help you a great deal in writing for your target consumers. Not only can you learn what keywords people are using, but keyword research can also help you craft your content using the words and phrases that your audience searches for most frequently. This helps you attract the widest audience possible while … Read the rest

How to Integrate SEO and Your Copywriting Successfully

Stoney deGeyter recently wrote a great piece at Search Engine Guide about how to go after the keywords you want, without being spammy.

Remember the days of old school SEO where it was all about getting the keyword on the page as often as possible so the engines would pick it up? No more. Now it’s all about the nuance of where to put the keyword on the page and integrating it seamlessly into the content. You content now has to be useful, educational and enjoyable to the reader – what a novel concept!

Getting SEO to work properly requires teamwork with both the SEO consultant and the copywriter. Remember that it’s not the copywriter’s job to go out and do keyword research; the SEO must do the preliminary keyword selection and give the assignment to the copywriter. After this step, actually integrating the keyword(s) into the content is the … Read the rest

Yahoo – Where Does It Fit Into Your Search Strategy?

In search, a lot of what Yahoo has done has been overshadowed by what Google and Bing have done, simply because Google controls such a huge piece of the search pie, and Bing is still a relatively fresh entity. All eyes are still on Bing as it grows. That leaves Yahoo somewhere in the middle, where it technically sits in terms of market share.

Yahoo has done quite a bit over the past six months, and has a lot more going on in the coming ones. Regardless of whether or not Yahoo’s deal with Microsoft finally goes through, and Bing takes over the algorithm side of things, Yahoo is still very much focused on search.

“Yahoo has been in search, is in search, and will continue to be in the future,” says Yahoo’s new senior VP of search products, Shashi Seth. “We’ll continue to drive innovation. It’s our stake in … Read the rest