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Quick and Easy Ecommerce Site Optimization Tips

How best to deal with pagination in e commerce sites is a topic that is often discussed by SEOs. Here I shall outline a technique that I have successfully used in the on site SEO of various e commerce websites.

Typically these sites present many hundreds or thousands of products sub-divided into categories, sub-categories and in some cases sub-sub-categories. Each of the categories and sub-categories is presented using many paginated pages and the visitor is provided with controls enabling them to view products based upon price, availability and various other attributes. Each of these different views and each paginated page of products use unique URLs, but the introductory copy is common to all pages and views within the category or sub-category.

Bring Focus to Pages of Importance

This type of ecommerce site implementation is not uncommon. It presents a number of issues including the significant onsite duplication of the content … Read the rest