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Addon Domain Spamming With WordPress and Any Other CMS

I got this question from Primal in regards to my post on Building Mininets


I like the post and your entire site. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. One thing confuses me about this particular tactic. Where are you getting the content from? You mentioned Audioscrobbler and Youtube API but I am not focusing on a music niche. The “widely available car db” sounds more like something I could use. Can you say where you would get something like this from? Also is there any reason why I should use customized pages instead of a CMS like WordPress to generate these kinds of sites?

Upon a glancing read this question seems to focus too much on the exact example used in the post. Yet if you really read the multipart question thoroughly and get to its core it’s a FANTASTIC question that really needs an answer in more depth than … Read the rest

5 Simple Google Analytics Tips You Should Be Using

Posted by jennita

Last week, a few of us from SEOmoz attended WebShare’s Seminar for Success for Google Analytics and Google Website Optimizer training. All of us who attended have a decent grasp on GA but really wanted to get some advanced information and gain a better understanding of GA’s potential. Plus, actually getting trained on something is always helpful, even if you feel you know it well!

During the first day, which was an introduction to Google Analytics and user training, I quickly realized that there were a number of tips and tactics that I had NO IDEA about previously. I felt a little silly that I didn’t know that some of these things even existed in GA and got to thinking… if I didn’t know you could use these great tactics, maybe others don’t either.

Following are the tips that I’ll be using in Google Analytics from here … Read the rest

How To Upload Your Website with a Free Domain and Hosting Service

If you have already finished making your website but wanting to know how to get it up online, here’s the tutorial. This tutorial will show you how to upload your website to a free Hosting service and how to get a free domain name for your website, just like my website. Make sure your files of your website are in one folder. The hosting website is called Locker Nerd. It does provide a free hosting service but it is not as excellent as the ones you have to pay for since they provide more storage. But this hosting service is good enough, even if there’s alot of media in it. Here’s the link – The domain name provider is ‘CO.CC’. This is my favorite because it is, well, almost close to like ‘’ but with a ‘cc’ instead so it’ nice. Also, you can get certain domain names you … Read the rest

Add a domain name to your cpanel web hosting Add a domain name to your cpanel web hosting. If you can upload unlimited domains to your cpanel hosting then this video will show you how to upload and add a new domain name into your hosting.
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how to add a website to a cpanel hosting plan… Read the rest