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Buying Your Own SEO Real Estate

Marketing has always been about renting space. Marketers rent space on billboards, radio, television, magazines, newspapers, pay-per-click advertisements, the yellow pages, and so on. Traditionally, marketers don’t own their own space. They’ve always been borrowing somebody else’s.

In the age of the internet things are changing. There is reason to believe the best strategy going forward is to own your marketing space. This means making some serious changes in the way that marketers do business. Instead of buying space where people are already looking they need to start creating spaces that people will actually want to look.

Needless to say, this is a whole different ball game and some marketers are having trouble adapting. The desire to compare new strategies to old ones is almost impossible to resist. Marketers want to compare social media to old media, and they want to compare Google to the phone book. The truth is, … Read the rest