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Beyond SEO Basics: How to Use Class C Hosting to Boost Your Rankings

Most internet marketers understand that good content and good inbound links are crucial for getting a good SEO ranking. Those are the basics. Yet why is it that some marketers seem to consistently be able to get highly ranked sites, while others – Even while those following those basics – Seem to have a hard time getting anywhere?

In this article, you’ll learn how to use C Class hosting to boost your SEO rankings using more sophisticated ranking strategies.

Beyond the Basics – How the “Pro’s” Optimize their Websites

One common SEO strategy is to build more than one website in a market and interlink them to boost each website’s credibility.

Each website must in and of itself have credibility. In other words, the interlinking on their own won’t do the job, however, when inbound links are combined with interlinking websites, each website’s rankings will increase.

This normally doesn’t work … Read the rest

3 Benefits of Multiple C Class Hosting

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Multiple C Class hosting has become an essential tool for marketers striving to have their websites rank highly in the search engines. The ability to interlink websites while having search engines actually count rather than discount the links is invaluable. What are the benefits of Multiple C Class hosting? Read on to find out.

Give Your “Link Juice” Credibility

Google sees every link from one website to another as a vote of credibility. A lot of websites link to, therefore it’s credible and ranks highly.

This credibility is called “Link Juice.” Link Juice is passed with every link, with one exception: If you’re linking to your own website.

Using Multiple C Class hosting, your links will no longer appear to be coming from the same person. In other words, you can link to your own websites and still pass link juice and rank … Read the rest

Multiple IP Hosting

Multiple IP Hosting – When More is Less

If you are the owner of more than one domain then you’re probably hoping to catch a wide audience online and get a top placement with search engines’ page ranking.

However, achieving what you aim to with your multiple domains isn’t always easy. If you are SEO hosting your sites from a single IP address then the search engines will pick up on this. Why is this bad? Because the engines will view your sites as being part of one family and disallow high ranking for them all. They see it as if one site is scratching the back of the other, in effect. A little bit like family member giving recommendations about other family members in business. We’re all a bit cynical about that. Therefore the value of owning so many domains can be seriously diminished unless you manage them efficiently.… Read the rest

Running Multiple Domains?

Are You Running More Than One Website?

If you run more than one website you might be doing so with the idea that casting your net far and wide will bring you a higher page rank on Google. Or perhaps you hope doing this will deliver more traffic to your main site via its brothers and sisters. Of course having several sites will give you the potential to enhance your internet presence, in theory.

What can happen without Class C Hosting? In practice, unless your sites are SEO hosted correctly then you might find that having multiple domains really doesn’t help your SEO efforts much at all. How can this be the case?

If you host all your sites from a single IP address this can be viewed as slightly questionable by the search engines, as they will view your domains as a divisive bunch. This is because, in effect, … Read the rest