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Multiple IP Hosting

Multiple IP Hosting – When More is Less

If you are the owner of more than one domain then you’re probably hoping to catch a wide audience online and get a top placement with search engines’ page ranking.

However, achieving what you aim to with your multiple domains isn’t always easy. If you are SEO hosting your sites from a single IP address then the search engines will pick up on this. Why is this bad? Because the engines will view your sites as being part of one family and disallow high ranking for them all. They see it as if one site is scratching the back of the other, in effect. A little bit like family member giving recommendations about other family members in business. We’re all a bit cynical about that. Therefore the value of owning so many domains can be seriously diminished unless you manage them efficiently.… Read the rest

Why Multiple IP Hosting is Valuable to SEO Marketers

The main search engines that most of us are familiar with are Google and Yahoo!, but there are others and each uses its own screening process to make sure that same IP addresses don’t gain high ranks through what they view as low value back linking. Or to put it in simpler terms, links from clearly related sites that are owned by the same webmaster. Search engines’ algorithms are set to be skilled in sniffing out the same class C IP address sites and when they spot them they prohibit them from rising in the ranks on search results. Back links that originate from different class C addresses are more highly valued, so the search engines are designed to favor them.

From the SEO marketer’s point of view, if using several websites is part of their strategy then Multiple IP hosting on different class C and class B IPs is … Read the rest