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Profit From Every Click – How to Optimize Your PPC Campaign

by Stoney deGeyter

Warning: This is a very complicated and math heavy post. It is best read slowly in small doses to ensure you can fully digest it all. I will also point out that I’m not a math or analytics expert so what you get here is my way of doing things which is probably far removed from the official Geek’s Guide to Web Analtyics and PPC Tracking.

In Part 1 of this 2-part series I guided you through some basic calculations that help you figure how to ensure that your PPC campaign is profitable by knowing your cost per conversion ceiling. The calculations I went through were very basic and provides a good starting place for any new or inexperienced PPC campaign manager. In this post I’m going to take you a bit deeper into some much more complex calculations in an attempt to get more accurate cost … Read the rest

Optimizing Your AdWords Campaigns

Pay per click advertising is a form of marketing with major benefits. It differs from other methods of marketing in its ability to allow advertisers and marketers to measure and analyze the results of their techniques, to refine and optimize them to increase ROI beyond almost anything possible in the offline marketing world. Google AdWords is currently the prominent pay per click resource available today. Learning some of the ways to optimize your AdWords campaigns can cut costs while keeping conversions up in several ways.

Here are four ways to refine your AdWords campaign to see where money spent is producing the best return and to adjust settings to maximize return on investment.

1. The Segment option. This is one of the newest additions to AdWords. The Segment option is available within your Campaigns, Ad Groups and Keywords tabs. Within each, the options are different, but allow for viewing of … Read the rest