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Webinar: Viral Marketing with Infographics

Would you like to learn how to drive thousands of visitors to your site, create hundreds of backlinks and earn media attention on the front page of Yahoo, CNN or The Huffington Post?

SEO Web Hosting invites you to join the Boston SEO Experts on Thursday, September 8th at 12:15 PM EDT for a discussion on how to achieve these goals using viral marketing infographics.

Click here to register:

We will cover the basics of infographic marketing and review a case study of one of our campaigns. This webinar will cover the following questions:

  • What is an infographic?
  • How can an infographic help my website?
  • What is the process for design, development and distribution of an infographic?
A complimentary site audit will be raffled to one webinar participant. Register today!


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How Hosting Can Influence Your SEO

Have you ever stopped to think about how the choice of your Hosting Service can affect the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website? Your Hosting Service, what types of servers they use, and the other types of web sites they host can all dramatically impact the SEO of your own web site. Moreover, Google’s recent implementation of “Panda” also known as the “Farmer” update has hit many web sites hard, significantly lowering their Google rankings. Google’s goal with Panda is to go after low-quality content and content farm sites with this new algorithm in order to provide a better web searching experience for everyone. The statistics showing how Panda/Farmer has affected many company’s rankings provides interesting reading. Google’s algorithms are closely guarded secrets but one thing is obvious since the implementation of Panda in the U.S., .org’s and .edu’s are ranking consistently higher and many of the … Read the rest

10 Steps to Courageous Leadership

by Stoney deGeyter

Leadership isn’t just for those with the title or position of leadership. Every person, in any given situation, is a leader of something. You may not have the prestige or salary, but there is no doubt that you carry some leadership responsibilities, however small they may be.

Very few leaders start at the top. They start somewhere way down the ladder and work their way up. The difference between them and the next person is that they exhibit strong leadership characteristics. Now, not everyone is a natural born leader, but we all lead in various ways. Whether you’re trying to get to the top, or simply being successful where you are, there are several aspects of your own personal development that must be achieved in order be effective as a leader at any level.

John Maxwell provides 10 steps to developing courageous leadership:

“Convictions that are stronger Read the rest

6 Ways PRO Can Add Value in 15 Minutes

Posted by randfish

As many of you who read this blog know, I’m a terrible self-promoter. I actually feel guilty writing about, linking to and promoting the products and services that make payroll for the amazing SEOmoz staff and allow us to conduct cool research, produce awesome guides and build out spiffy office space. But, every few months, I manage to crawl out from under that shell. This time, it’s by request.

I’ve been hearing from a lot of our PRO members that they feel both overwhelmed and confused by all the offerings in PRO. I know it’s tough when there are 30+ pages on which unique types of PRO content exist and even the dashboard doesn’t link to all of them (that’s our fault for bad organization – I promise it’s getting better by the end of summer). Hence, this post is all about what to do in your … Read the rest