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SEO Web Hosting Discontinuing BoxTrapper

BoxTrapper is an application included with cPanel that filters spam by requiring would-be senders to reply to a verification email (also known as challenge-response verification). Only after the sender is verified through the reply will his or her original email be accepted. Theoretically, this is supposed to stop the recipient from seeing any spam whatsoever as the system requires human intervention of some kind to take the email out of the trap.


While in theory this seems like a great system, in practicality it causes almost as many problems as it tries to solve.

When email boxes send the challenge email, that email will go to an actual email account of an actual person that emailed you (in which case, we have no problem), or it will go to a “do not reply” email from a mailing list, to a non-existent email account, to someone’s email account that was hijacked … Read the rest