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SEOWebHosting Monthly Newsletter June 2013

Welcome back to the SEOWebHosting Newsletter! As always, we’ll keep things short and to the point.

What’s New?

New SEO Managed Services! 
We’re pleased to announce the launch of some great new services that are designed to help boost your site’s Google ranking, sharpen your PPC efforts, and deliver relevant business leads directly to your phone.

Managed SEO Services

Get some of the best search rankings for your business with our Managed SEO packages. Each package includes access to campaign reports, analytics, and direct access to one of our helpful account managers every step of the way.
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Managed PPC Services

Manage your PPC campaigns efficiently and get the most bang for your buck for a great price!  Leave the heavy lifting to our certified AdWords professionals, and watch your PPC efforts blossom.
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Target Read the rest

Target Leads

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The Yellow Pages. If you’re over the age of, say, 25, you probably remember the thick phonebooks with wafer-thin pages that were kept on a shelf or next to your landline telephone. When you needed to find an electrician, or someone to take care of the dead tree in your backyard, or were looking for a new vet, you turned to the Yellow Pages, which listed businesses in almost any category you could think of. While you hated to keep the big, heavy books in the house, when you needed to find someone to do your taxes or mow your lawn, the Yellow Pages wouldn’t let you down.

Now the Yellow Pages is no more, or, at least, we haven’t seen it lately. But the problem remains—how do you find someone to perform those necessary, infrequent services that make your life manageable? While review sites … Read the rest

PPC Bidding

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Pay Per Click. It sounds like an easy solution to your online advertising problem. Because you only pay when people click on your website, you’re not wasting money on ads that no one cares about. And, with enough clicks, you’re surely going to get a healthy return, so as long as you keep your PPC account active you can buy your own traffic.

If only it were this easy. As anyone who has ever purchased PPC advertising knows, it’s shockingly easy to waste hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on generic key words, poorly defined campaigns, and site visitors who weren’t even looking for you. While no one likes to waste money, wasting money on PPC is particularly damaging, as it uses up your marketing budget without delivering results.

Even worse, a bad experience with PPC can turn you off SEO entirely, which means you’ll neglect what … Read the rest

Managed SEO Services

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There are some things you learn to do yourself, and there are other things that are better left entrusted to experts. The trouble is, you often don’t know until it’s too late which things were worth learning how to do yourself and which we should have left to an expert, or at least a professional.

While it’s pretty easy to figure out that you shouldn’t have tried replacing your car’s brake pads, or cleaning your pool with chemicals you mixed at home, it’s difficult to determine whether your DIY marketing strategy was a good idea. Perhaps your rambling emails, occasional Facebook posts, and cryptic Tweets really are responsible for bringing visitors to your site, and you really can’t do any better. Maybe your limited efforts at SEO (Search Engine Optimization), such as asking everyone you know to link to your blog, are as good as anyone … Read the rest