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SEOWebHosting Monthly Newsletter April ’13

Welcome back to the SEOWebHosting Newsletter! As always, we’ll keep things short and to the point.

What’s New?

 Spring/Summer Sale at SEO Web Hosting!

There’s two different ways you can save at SEO Web Hosting:

1. Get 30% off your first invoice on Shared Hosting plans.

Use the code SUMMER13 and you’re set 

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2. Get 50% off your first invoice on our VPS plans!

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PubCon New Orleans 2013:

We’re still wiping the sleep out of our eyes, but we had a fantastic time at PubCon 2013.

We gave away some cool prizes, met some fun and interesting people, and got to spread the word about our products and services. We also enjoyed all the attention our Harley got.

Want to follow up/reconnect? Give us a shout right here.

The SEO Rewards

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Derrick’s Rants: Accepting Payments outside of PayPal

Here’s a challenge for you.

Go ask a novice who sells something online and ask them these two questions:

1) What payment gateway do you use?
2) Ask them if they had to choose between two or more payment gateways?

Chances are they’ll say PayPal and then they’ll say are there other reputable payment gateways other than PayPal.  We’ll guess what there are a mountain of other payment gateways for websites other than PayPal.  I have searched the web and found a few lists and combined to provide you all of the payment gateways I could find.  This list includes the global market and then broken down by the major players in each continent, so everyone should be covered.  Read and enjoy and get out from under PayPal.

Global Payment Gateways

These are the options that work in most places.  There will be holes in any network, but these work … Read the rest

Derrick’s Rants: Bad Websites Are Bad For Business: Part 1

Photo via dklimke

In the olden days of the Internet (say, 8-10 years ago) you could get away with a basic, even amateurish website.

If you are going to have a bad website, you are probably better off having no website at all. Hard to believe, but it’s true. While a bad website at least gets your name in the search engines, it can also ruin your credibility. A hard to use website, for example, may push your potential customers over to the competition, while an amateurish website can convince potential customers that your business is simply not a serious one.

Here’s a few tips how you can avoid these website issues.

1) Make sure that you get your website when you are ready.
You should only invest in a company website when you are ready to spend time and money on the project. Only develop a website when you … Read the rest

An Important Announcement From SEO Web Hosting

SEO Web Hosting Customers:

There is currently a brute-force login attack targeted at websites with WordPress. Due to the nature of this attack, there’s increased memory consumption on targeted servers. In some cases this has caused degradation of performance, and unresponsive servers.

The cause?

A high volume of http requests which can cause some servers to start
swapping memory to disk, and possibly run out of memory. The most impacted servers tend to be those with limited memory resources- this includes VPS instances, especially those with 1GB of RAM or less.

The SEO support team has been hard at work restoring service to managed servers which have been affected by this issue- and we’re actively engaged in reducing the impact of this event.

Please contact us at if you require assistance.

Thank you!

The SEO Web Hosting Team… Read the rest