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SEO Web Hosting Newsletter: March 2013

Welcome back to the SEOWebHosting Newsletter! As always, we’ll keep things short and to the point.

What’s New?

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PubCon New Orleans 2013 Countdown

We’re psyched for the … Read the rest

Derrick’s Rants: Does Social Media Marketing Really Work?

Image via  Intersection Consulting

I’ve been to many conferences, and look forward to attending a few more this year.

A common refrain I hear over and over again:  ”Does Social Media Marketing really work?”  Then I hear yes if you are a huge company like Coke, Pepsi or some other fortune 500… but what about Joes Pizza Shack and Bill’s Car Wash and the other “SMALL Guys”.  To some this may be a no brainer but to others they struggle with this question.  Well I hate to say it so bluntly but yet Social Media Marketing Really Works!

Many years ago advertisers lost control of the media when the Internet gave all the target audiences the power to choose what was marketed to them. So traditional advertising can be asked the same question, “Does it really work” , however with Social Media there is clear misunderstanding of what Social Media … Read the rest

Derrick’s Rants: Measuring your Social Media Campaign

Pic via filmingilman

So we spoke on why Social Media campaigns fail but you’re over that (pat yourself on the back a few times) so what’s next?

What usually happens next is you ask yourself this question “How do you know whether your social media marketing is paying off?”

First of all, the most valuable metrics won’t be the same for every social media marketing campaign.  Goals, experience, and focus may vary from company to company. Keep in mind that no one metric is proof of social media success and failure – but taken as a whole, there are some fairly good indicators of how your efforts are faring. So lets say your business is off to a great start. You know your market, you’ve developed a great presence, and you’re keeping your audience engaged and you know your social media efforts are playing a significant role. Naturally, some are … Read the rest

Derrick’s Rants: Build & Market Your Brand Via Instagram

Have you gotten a collage of photos fill up your Facebook or Twitter feed, seen one of those funny pictures with someone you know with a crazy filter well guess what we all have.  Guess what again? It probably came from Instagram.

Instagram’s developers describe it as a “quirky,” “fun” and “beautiful” way to share photos: You can snap a picture on your mobile device, apply a vintage-inspired filter, and then instantly push that content out to multiple social media channels simultaneously.

Beneath the app’s playful appeal is a powerful way to market your services and connect with customers. Using Instagram, small business owners can instantly put a face to their business and watch their customer relationships and sales flourish as a result.

The visual web has taken over, with Instagram helping to lead the trend. Now part of Facebook and with over 100 million users, the popular photo-sharing app … Read the rest