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Derrick’s Rants: Holy Smokes, Batman, It’s HTML5 (Part 2)

There are reasons to celebrate HTML 5, but there are also reasons to cringe about it.  It’s like this year’s elections. Which side of the 47% does your allegiance belong to? For many, HTML 5 was heralded as the best thing since sliced bread. However, it’s failing to live up to all the praise in other people’s eyes.  Many designers, developers and unsuspecting end users have fallen victim to HTML 5.  This has caused many to steer clear of HTML 5 and urge others to do the same.

Despite its tremendous capabilities, HTML5 isn’t the solution for every problem. Its features are compelling and will help make Web apps formidable competitors for native apps, but security issues, limitations of local data storage, synchronization challenges, and politics should have us all re thinking our expectations.  Let’s get into a few reasons why HTML 5 is falling short, why I praised it … Read the rest

SEO Web Hosting Newsletter, September 2012

Welcome to the SEOWebHosting Newsletter!
As always, we’ll keep our content short and to the point.

What’s New?

The SEOWH Reward Points Program is coming October 1, 2012!

Interested in earning credits on your SEO Web Hosting account that you can use towards acquiring other SEO products and services?

Check out the new Customer Reward Program, starting October 1!

Here’s how it works:

When you create an account with SEO Web Hosting, you’re automatically enrolled.

Each month, you will receive a credit of 5% of your monthly paid invoice(s). This credit will remain in the rewards module of WHMCS until you’re eligible to request conversion, which occurs when you reach the baseline minimum of $50 accumulated.

Your points will then be converted into dollars, and placed into your “credit balance” bucket. You will then have 5 business days to use the credit towards the purchase of new products and … Read the rest

Derrick’s Rants: Holy Smokes, Batman! It’s HTML5! (part 1)

Are you using it? All the cool kids are. Wait, are you not on the HTML5 bandwagon? You probably have your reasons, but many think that HTML 5 is the revolution that the web needed and in fact since there are major players supporting it and pushing it forward it might just be.  

There are lots of articles praising the use of HTML5 and its natural benefits, well part 1 of this rant is like that the other half is very reminiscent of Dr. Jekyll and Hyde.  In part 1, I will go into the benefits and upsides to using HTML 5 and tomorrow I will do a complete 180 in part 2, and talk bad about it like high school girls.

Since Apple and Adobe are pushing this, many web developers and designers are following suit. But there are still some that wont adopt it or drink the proverbial … Read the rest

How To Do Keyword Research [INFOGRAPHIC]

From: Promodo.comRead the rest