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SEOWebHosting Monthly Newsletter August 2012

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What’s New?

The SEOWebHosting Analytics Dashboard

Want to take your SEO to new heights?

The SEOWebHosting Analytics Dashboard provides you with a comprehensive analysis of your site structure, including how you can improve page performance, hierarchy, and positioning of your given sites. You can also get graded on your keyword density, meta tags, outbound domains, as well as many other options to help you boost traffic.

There’s four dashboard packages to choose from, each tailored to a different need, beginning with our FREE starter package! Make sure it’s the right fit before you buy!

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Earn 35% Commissions With The SEOWebHosting Affiliate Program!

Check out SEOWebHosting’s affiliate program, which contains valuable reporting on how many people have clicked referral links, how … Read the rest


via Linchpin SEO:

seo pyramid green
The SEO Pyramid, an Infographic by Linchpin SEORead the rest

How To Avoid The Most Common And Dangerous Passwords [INFOGRAPHIC]

Doing reseller hosting with HostNine? Hosting for yourself? On a VPS? No matter what you do online, having a strong password is simply common sense. Check out this fantastic infographic from Zone Alarm on avoiding the pitfalls of choosing easy-to-hack passwords.

Do you have any methods of your own that aren’t covered in the infographic? Let us know in the comments!

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Derrick’s Rants: International SEO – Tips For Success

Photo via Crossett Library Bennington College

Did you know that translating your website can open you up to a more global audience?  Sounds like common sense, but while many do this via Google Translate and think “well, that was easy” could be missing out on a lot of traffic!

Sure, translating your content makes it a whole lot easier to read, but how will your website or an international version of your website rank in terms of their search engines results?

Well, if your SEO isn’t translated, then chances are your now translated content is just translated content with nobody to find it or read it.

There are words, phrases, conjugations, acronyms, and shortcuts that a professional SEO translator would know how to use- and chances are, most of us aren’t professionally trained SEO translators. But if you’re serious about getting traffic to your website and attracting more readers, it … Read the rest