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SEOWebHosting Monthly Newsletter July 2012

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What’s New?

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The SEO Reporting Dashboard Is Here!

Looking to dig deeper into the performance of your web properties? The SEO Reporting Dashboard provides you with a comprehensive analysis of your content, including:

Meta tags
Keyword density
Outbound domains and more!

You can also discover ways to improve page performance, hierarchy, and positioning of your own sites. There’s three dashboard packages to choose from, each tailored to … Read the rest

Derrick’s Rants: Video Optimization- Get Your Video in the SERPS

This week’s installment of Derrick’s Rants discusses video optimization:

Photo via MarkBTomlinson

Remember that funny viral video that your friend sent you last week, or that video that made the morning news? All of those videos were once irrelevant, and most likely only useful to handful of people.  However, videos are taking over search results pages, and are expected to be 90 percent of all web traffic by 2014. What’s more, Google is providing increased valuable search engine real estate to video content… so you might want to consider or reconsider the use of video marketing.  It may give you the boost you need.

Since Google’s highly touted use of “universal search” causes problems for organic web results by decreasing the amount of plain text results, it  kicks open the door for websites with video content.   

Videos on the internet are the latest way to offer unique content to a … Read the rest


Via State Of Search & Koozai

Read the rest

4 Major Link Building Strategies

photo via RambergMediaImages

What are linking strategies? They are more important than key words, ad campaigns, or nearly any other aspect of SEO. Think of each legal link to your site as a vote worth a certain amount of points. These all add up to tell the search engines how important your site it. Be careful ere though, the wrong links to bad hat linking strategies will have the opposite effect. Here are four basic strategies to get you started online:

1. Create a blog for your website. 

a. Include a link to your main homepage and relevant products and the blogs homepage with every post.

b. Include code text that plants these links and a link back to that post into the text anytime someone tries to copy content.

c. Include easy to click and use RSS or ATOM feed buttons on both the parent site and the blog.… Read the rest