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SEO Web Hosting Monthly Newsletter June 2012

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What’s New?

The SEO Web Hosting Summer Sale

Summer is here, and we’re offering 50% off your first month’s payment on any new hosting package! Any plan you want- shared, VPS, dedicated, multi-location, and more!

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New Shared SEO Hosting!

Unlike other SEO hosts, our shared SEO hosting packages come standard with either shared or dedicated IP’s assigned only to you. Our shared SEO hosting plans are hosted on enterprise level hosting infrastructure, so computing power and resources are never an issue in order to maximize page load speeds.
All shared accounts include cPanel.

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Small Business Web Design Best Practices

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As a small business owner, it can be very difficult to jump into the big wide world of the web. Your expertise does not lie in the web, so it’s normal to feel a bit uncomfortable when starting to develop a website for your business. However, there are some very simple tips that you can use to avoid most of the major mistakes that small business owners make when starting their websites.

The very first thing that most small businesses forget to consider is the fact that the website is made not for them, but for the visitors. Many small business owners prefer to create a website that looks good in their own opinion, instead of considering how their potential customers will view it. Make sure to think about your target market and create a layout, graphics, and content that makes sense for your … Read the rest

The Seven Types Of Effective Retargeting [INFOGRAPHIC]

Check out this infographic and article from Chango that details the various ways you can employ effective retargeting on your website.

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[via Infographic List]

We’re halfway through 2012, but here’s a list of SEO trends that may or may not be taking shape thus far this year in easy-to-digest infographic form.

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