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SEO Web Hosting Community Newsletter, Volume 2, Issue 5

Welcome to the SEOWebHosting Newsletter!
As always, we’ll keep our content short and to the point.

What’s New?

New VPS Plans! 

Based on a ultra reliable enterprise level infrastructure, VPS is our most popular SEO hosting solution. Your VPS includes full root access, dedicated IPs, and is available with or without a control panel. Need a control panel? cPanel is available to you free of charge.

Click here for prices and specs.

Check Out Our Dedicated SEO Server Prices!

At SEO, we strive to provide our customers with the latest processors and standardized technology hardware. When you purchase one of our dedicated SEO servers, you’re guaranteed at least a 45nm processor, the fastest DDR3 performance memory, and speedy large caching hard drives.

Dedicated SEO server prices are starting at only $195 a month! Click here to learn more.

Send Us Your Testimonials!

The team at SEO Web Hosting are … Read the rest

Blog Design For Killer SEO: [Infographic]

Starting a blog, but clueless as to how to design it with SEO in mind? Relax, we’ve got you covered. We found this fantastic infographic designed by Dawn Shepard on the ever-helpful SEOmoz blog that provides a list of basic points to follow when getting your blog up and running.
Have any additional blog design tips that relate to SEO? Let us know in the comments!
Blog Design for SEO

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The folks at SEOBook put together this fantastic infographic that discusses how to find the balance in your SEO strategy. Enjoy!

SEO strategies

SEO Infographic by SEO BookRead the rest

Search Engine Land’s Guides to Search Engines

Search Engine Land has  created some helpful guides to understanding the tangled web of the three biggest search engines: Google, Yahoo and Bing.

If you have any other tips, just drop them in the comment section.

Search Engine Land on Google
The gang at Search Engine Land talk about everything from basic Google web searches to mastering Google AdSense.

Search Engine Land on Yahoo
Thanks to Yahoo we have Flickr as a photo sharing service and Delicious to use as a bookmarking service. Need to know how they work? Check out Search Engine Land’s guide to Yahoo, where you’ll learn about these and many other Yahoo services.

Search Engine Land on Bing
Bing is Microsoft’s attempt to cut into the Google monster. Though they are behind still, they are picking up quite a head of steam. Search Engine Land has all the skinny, from Bing  Mobile to Microsoft Ad Center.… Read the rest