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SEOWH Community Newsletter Volume 2, Issue 3

Happy Spring, and welcome to the SEOWebHosting Monthly Newsletter!

As always, we’ll keep our content short and to the point.

What’s New?

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What’s Next?

Search Conferences Worth Your Time

Here’s a few upcoming SEO and search engine marketing conferences you may want to check out.

a. SMX Toronto

This conference is the place to be if you’re a search marketer interested in workshops and networking activities. A great idea for industry professionals across all skill levels. Click here to learn more.

b. SES Toronto

The leading international conference for webmasters, digital agencies, and online marketers

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SEOWH Weekly Digest March 26-30

Hey readers! It’s Friday again, and time for the SEO Web Hosting Weekly Digest. Check out this week’s blog posts and social links below.


This Week’s SEO Hosting Blog Posts

5 Great Analytics Tools Part 2
7 Tips for Safe Social Networking
Using Rich Snippets to Make you Pop in Search Results
Google’s Venice Update: What’s The Hype? 

SEO Social Links From The Week

How Sitelinks are Quietly Costing You Conversions

Illustrated Guide to Web Experiments

40+ SEO Tools of the Trade

Adding Negatives: How to Filter Out Bad Paid Search Clicks & Prospects


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Weekly Spot of Hilarity


Have a great weekend!

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The Venice Update: What’s the Hype?

Late last February, Google updated its search algorithms (and of course, announced very cryptically what the changes meant for search results). This recent update has caused quite a stir, mainly because of the update Codename: Venice. How should you interpret Google’s new algorithm and how can you adapt to these changes to make sure you’re on the top of your SEO game? Below are what are probably the three most important changes that we’ve teased out of Google’s announcement.

1. Improvements to ranking for local search results.
[launch codename “Venice”] This improvement improves the triggering of Local Universal results by relying more on the ranking of our main search results as a signal. 

The Venice update will shift search results to be even more intensely localized than before. Search “Schools” and a map and list will be displayed showing various schools matching my geographical location. This will have a minor … Read the rest

Using Rich Snippets to Make You Pop in Search Results

Want to really pop out in Google search results? How about using reviews, product price, and eye-catching images to do it? You can do all of these things by utilizing “rich snippets.”

You may have been exposed to rich snippets already without even realizing it. Maybe when searching for a restaurant review, you stumbled across a review for it directly below its link in the search results. Maybe a photo of brownies popped up next your links when you were recipe hunting. These “extras” or “rich snippets” are a result of Google’s push to enhance the search experience of its users, and can have a serious positive results for your site, product or service. By featuring extra information in search results (like photos, ratings, times, etc.), rather than just a link to your site, you can really make your stuff pop out to Google users in search.

So how do … Read the rest