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Why You Need A Social Media Dashboard

Social media is an essential component to any forward-thinking business, big or small. Whether you’re promoting a product or yourself, it’s the speediest and most cost-effective way to engage your audience and create buzz. In the last 5-6 years, social media has grown from the somewhat simple platforms of Friendster and MySpace to the massive, multi-purpose worlds of Facebook and Twitter.

Niche networks popped up to satisfy specific communities. You’re a photographer? Use Flickr. Relentless networker? LinkedIn’s your place. Both companies and people alike found themselves immersed in multiple platforms, expressing themselves in remarkably different ways on each one. However, there was one small problem. Logging in and out of multiple platforms to post content began taking up time, as did keeping track of the responses accrued in each channel. While the benefits of social media were becoming increasingly clear, the maintenance of multiple channels could sometimes serve as a … Read the rest

SEOWebHosting Community Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 6

Welcome to the Customer Newsletter!

Dropped Domains and NEW C Class IPs & available!

1. Great deals on dropped domains!

All domains contain the following:

- A PageRank between 3 and 5

- 10 or more inbound links

- 5 or more indexed pages of content

- Various amounts of traffic

The cost per domain for the initial year is $250/domain.

Click here to order, and to get more information.  

2. Pre-orders available now for NEW /16 C Class IPs!

We’ve purchased a new group of C Class IPs, and are allowing our customers to reserve spaces by placing pre-orders. 

NOTE: Clients must contact sales directly for all pre-orders.

This offer is NOT available through the website.

Contact our sales department at:

SEO Conferences to attend in 2012 

A new year is fast approaching, and that means a slew of SEO-related conferences for you to check … Read the rest

Infographic: The Periodic Table Of SEO Ranking Factors

The good people at SearchEngineLand put together a fantastic resource earlier this year that breaks down SEO ranking factors in the style of a periodic table. A useful infographic for both the n00b and the SEO pro.

Click the image to see a larger version, or download the PDF from SearchEngineLand here.

Read the rest

Which Came First? Speed, SEO or the EGG?

SEO is all about performance. Google and Yahoo/Bing care about performance and user experience. Site speed is really important to users so by default it is equally valuable to SEO and ranking. Speed isn’t an easy demon to catch. With more than 200 ranking factors used in Google’s algorithm, why pay attention to speed? It requires excellent programming skills, the best hosting services and extremely talented web designers to make a beautiful fast website. It’s so much easier and cheaper to just ignore speed. Some people including Google’s Matt Cutts will tell you that speed isn’t all that important to SEO and ranking. Now lets look at some concrete reasons why you shouldn’t listen to them and put speed at the top of your SEO list.

Users Love Speed
Proven through countless studies, the effectiveness and usability of websites are impacted by speed. Speed increased conversion rates, shares and … Read the rest