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How you can make the most from SEO Hosting

Choosing a hosting company with the best and most reliable methods needed to improve your business is one of the first and most important issues that you need to address when starting a company online. This is because how well you host your website will determine the very foundations of your website.

The importance of the right type of SEO hosting in your business can be shown by you simply thinking of your business as a bridge, and think of search engine optimization as being the pillars that support this bridge.  Without strong and stable pillars holding up that bridge, it would surely become weakened over time under the constant stream of traffic passing through, much like web traffic that passes through websites.  A good SEO package could be the underlying factor in the success of your site.

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Are you misusing Robots.txt?

Lindsay at SEO Moz explores the idea that many of the Internet’s best pages are being effectively blocked by robots.txt files and describes some of the more common flawed implementations of the strategy. Describing the history of robots.txt, Lindsay says, “The robots.txt protocol was established in 1994 as a way for webmasters to indicate which pages and directories should not be accessed by bots. To this day, respectable bots adhere to the entries in the file… but only to a point.”

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Hands-On Tips For Link Building

Patty_Moogan at SEO Moz recently explored the difficulties SEO consultants have in setting up their clients to manage a link building program. A complex problem, many clients aren’t necessarily aware of what it takes or even where to start with such a strategy.

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Bad Things Happen to SEO Overoptimizers

SEO genius Rand Fishkin over at SEO Moz has some thoughts about “overdoing” SEO, what it looks like, and how to avoid it. Continue reading