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Using Custom Variables to Personalize Google Analytics

SEOmoz recently posted a great article about how to manipulate variables in Google Analytics to create custom dashboards for functionality.

In prior times, it was easy to use Analytics to track exactly which webpage an organic click was coming from. This was useful because keyword lists could be appended to include these reference clicks however its functionality was limited and it was difficult to turn this data into anything useful or actionable.

When Google first started using AJAX to track rankings everyone panicked as the referrer strings were more or less cut off after the hash tag. Once September 2010 rolled around and Instant hit the web, everyone realized there was nothing to worry about, rank tracking still worked and the SEO industry was still around. One of the things Google includes in their referral strings now is =cd, basically the exact ranking position of the link. Amazing! This can … Read the rest

Make that Big Idea Yours!

Stoney DeGeyter recently posted a great piece about owning your own creative property. The idea is that some ideas just seem to stick and catch on, for example, “Got Milk?” That tagline in and of itself isn’t remarkable at all, but once it got copied and repeated all over the place, its stock went up. Many businesses find themselves in this predicament, that is, starting out with something remarkable but due to time and familiarity, they linger in unremarkable territory.

Get an Idea:

Many businesses decide to launch a business in a certain way just because it’s easy. What’s the draw in that? If you don’t have an original, creative spin on something that already exists just go ahead and hang up your business hat now. There are very few new ideas, that’s for sure. What really makes a splash isn’t your idea, it’s how you present it.

All ideas … Read the rest

Good Questions Any Analyst Should be Asking…

Recently, Joanna Lord over at SEOmoz posted a piece about the questions any good SEO analyst should ask. Everyone in the industry knows what it means to give analysis a half-baked effort with limited time spent mining data and a lot of time spent using data templates.

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Local Search Gets Rich Snippets from Google

Chris Crum over at WebProNews just posted about how Google has decided to use Rich Snippets for Local Search. Now, SEOs can use this data to help reference real world places and events and better optimize for local results and multiple web hosting locations.

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