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SEOmoz releases their SEO toolbar for Google Chrome!

Danny Dover over at SEOmoz is really excited about the introduction of SeoMoz’s Google Chrome Toolbar. We’ve summarized his introduction for you here in case you’d like to download it yourself to use with your SEO web hosting products.

The SEO toolbar for Google Chrome is here, and it’s full of timesaving tools and helpful applications. And the best part is it’s free from SEOmoz!

People have been asking for this product for some time now, so SEOmoz worked to make sure they were putting out a quality toolbar. It works much like the Firefox toolbar that displays at the top of the page, but may be dropped to the bottom as well.

Useful Features…

1.SEO SERP Overlay

This tool offers the most useful link data without being in the way of the page. Want to see which results are getting linked the most? Open Site Explorer has a … Read the rest

What to Spend on SEO…

Jennifer Horowitz at Web Pro News recently posted to give advice to Small Businesses about what to spend on SEO. In a down economy, it’s tough to budget for marketing that won’t pay off right away, and Jennifer had some helpful tips.

The first question you have to ask yourself is, what is the goal for your site? Do you want to rank higher? Be better converting? Have more visitors? This answer will drive your SEO budget from start to finish.

If you’re an ecommerce site that creates some or all of the income for the owner, you’re going to have to resign yourself to investing heavily in search opportunities. It will be the basis of your marketing efforts and drive visitors that lead to sales. You’re going to have to invest significantly with both time and money.

Online businesses have a reputation as being easier to set up than … Read the rest

Focusing on Many Keywords Helps You Focus on the Right One

Stoney deGeyter posts often about SEO hosting trends and SEO happenings, and now he’s helping readers discern how to choose the best keyword to focus on, which we’ve highlighted for you below…

Keyword research never ceases to amaze…how can so many people be searching for essentially the same thing using so many different search terms? SEO works this way: a person will start with a basic search term then continue adding qualifiers in an attempt to narrow down results until they get what they’re looking for.

If you’re in the business of the original search term, say, window cleaning, you’ll want to discount many of these qualifiers but pay attention to others. The best way to avoid getting overwhelmed when looking through all these keyword combinations, try to pick the keywords apart based on user intent. Use the lens of RESEARCH, SHOP, BUY.

Pull out the top 50 qualifiers, then … Read the rest

Outsourcing Your Content

Danny Dover has some really polarized opinions about content creation and so does Rand Fishkin…together they recently put out a whiteboard on the topic.

Outsourcing content is a reality of SEO and crucial to the majority of businesses that don’t have the money to hire in-house content writers. Best practices are essential as the wrong content gets you the wrong customers, so choose carefully and consider the following methods.

Gather Requirements:

Before you decide what content you want you’ll have to figure out what your goal is. Are you looking for more traffic? Higher sales? Links from other, similar sites? Once you’ve determined what you’re trying to accomplish you should decide what metrics to use to track your progress toward completing your goal.

Locate Resources:

There are many different options for outsourcing content, namely offshore writers, in-house staff, or a web contractor. It’s great to find a dependable web contractor … Read the rest