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10 Steps to Courageous Leadership

by Stoney deGeyter

Leadership isn’t just for those with the title or position of leadership. Every person, in any given situation, is a leader of something. You may not have the prestige or salary, but there is no doubt that you carry some leadership responsibilities, however small they may be.

Very few leaders start at the top. They start somewhere way down the ladder and work their way up. The difference between them and the next person is that they exhibit strong leadership characteristics. Now, not everyone is a natural born leader, but we all lead in various ways. Whether you’re trying to get to the top, or simply being successful where you are, there are several aspects of your own personal development that must be achieved in order be effective as a leader at any level.

John Maxwell provides 10 steps to developing courageous leadership:

“Convictions that are stronger Read the rest

6 Ways PRO Can Add Value in 15 Minutes

Posted by randfish

As many of you who read this blog know, I’m a terrible self-promoter. I actually feel guilty writing about, linking to and promoting the products and services that make payroll for the amazing SEOmoz staff and allow us to conduct cool research, produce awesome guides and build out spiffy office space. But, every few months, I manage to crawl out from under that shell. This time, it’s by request.

I’ve been hearing from a lot of our PRO members that they feel both overwhelmed and confused by all the offerings in PRO. I know it’s tough when there are 30+ pages on which unique types of PRO content exist and even the dashboard doesn’t link to all of them (that’s our fault for bad organization – I promise it’s getting better by the end of summer). Hence, this post is all about what to do in your … Read the rest

All Good Content Starts Here: Keyword Research

by Stoney deGeyter

One of the great things about developing content for your website is that, with a little research, you can know exactly who your target audience is and how create content to meet their needs. Spending a few minutes before setting pen-to-paper, or fingers-to-keys, can tell you just about everything you need to know about what types of things people are searching for on the web. From that, you can determine what kind of content you need to reach your audience.

All I need  to do is divine from what I know of you...Using keyword research tools provided by the search engines and third party keyword platforms can help you a great deal in writing for your target consumers. Not only can you learn what keywords people are using, but keyword research can also help you craft your content using the words and phrases that your audience searches for most frequently. This helps you attract the widest audience possible while … Read the rest

Reporting a Problem on Google Maps

Search Engine Guide’s very own Miriam Ellis recently put out a piece about handling the numerous issues on Google Maps which we’re summarizing for you here:

Google Maps users are certainly used to finding issues and problems when they use the service from incorrect addresses to bad photos to wrong directions. Most people are clueless how to respond to these problems, but there are a few ironclad rules that help reporting and fixing these issues get you farther. The Google Maps Help Forum is notoriously bad about getting back to customers and complaints are often unresponded to for long periods of time.

The author uses an example of her own that was based upon a search for “lamp stores” in which the SERP results on Google Local showed a seven pack comprised entirely of auto repair businesses. When clicking through into “more results”, the same results showed, interspersed with some … Read the rest