Google Changes its SERPs in a BIG Way

Originally published in May of 2010, WebProNews’ piece about Google’s updated SERP results page really hit home for a lot of users, so we’ve summarized it for you here.

Google’s new SERP page first and foremost makes the search options tab much more prominent than in the past. Users will find it hard to ignore how many different options they now have when searching including language, location, and type of results shown. In this regard, Google’s now not all that different from Yahoo or Bing.

So what does this mean for SEO hosting? Well, it’s definitely going to impact how users experience search, mostly because now they’re going to have the option to display many totally different sets of data – a craw in the cap for SEO. To prove this theory, Yahoo confirmed to WebProNews that when they added similar search options to their page a few months back, engagement increased dramatically.The trick for SEO now is going to be to figure out which result page they’d like to rank for then go after those particular results.

Social media is also going to become even more important in search since Google’s new options are going to draw from “everything” on the web, including social media results. Once limited to news outlets, status updates are now providing some of the information searchers see, and SEOs are going to have to figure out how to include themselves in this social dialogue.

Social interactions are becoming more important, too, as now Google places a lot of emphasis on context and relationship between sites and social outlets. They’ve begun ranking Tweets and placing additional relevance on things like Facebook Likes.

Local is also going to grow with the implementation of these new options, mainly because the “nearby” option is more prominent. The idea to take away is that now it’s more important than ever to rank in all of Google’s sources, not just as a standalone site. That’s just not going to cut it in today’s informational search age.

Thanks to Heather Hendrick

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