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Keyword Research Tools – Build Your Own Adventure

Posted by Sam Crocker

Hi there Mozzers! My name is Sam Crocker and I work for Distilled. This is my first post here at SEOmoz and I am looking forward to your feedback!


My mother used to scold me for misusing my toys, playing with my food and for having a bit too much energy. She was well within her rights, as I was a bit of a handful, but at the moment one particular phrase really sticks out in my mind

“Is that what that was made for Sam? Use it the right way, please.”

Whether I was riding down the stairs in a sleeping bag, having sword fights with paper towel tubes with my sister, or using my skateboard as a street luge- I’ve always been big on using things for purposes other than their intended design. It should be no surprise that I do the same … Read the rest

Mayday Update Confirmed by Google

by Stone Reuning

A hot topic of late in the SEO forums centers on what’s been dubbed Google’s “Mayday” update…we explained in our blog previously that many site owners were experiencing dramatic drops in their long-tail keyword (phrases over 3 words) rankings. Now Google has confirmed the “Mayday” update with Matt Cutts saying at Google I/O that “this is an algorithmic change in Google, looking for higher quality sites to surface for long tail queries. It went through vigorous testing and isn’t going to be rolled back.”

Each year, Google changes its algorithm anywhere from 350 to 500 times (2009) which is why many SEO companies recommend you not get too focused on specific ranking factors, as this puts you at the mercy of these types of tweaks.

Every so often though, Google makes a big enough change in its algorithm that it demands attention.

In regard to the Mayday … Read the rest

The Link Building – A Baker’s Dozen

We all know that one-way links from authority web sites are essential if your link building efforts are to be successful. But what does it take to get those authority sites to link to you? Well, you’ll probably guess that it is not easy – quality links don’t materialize from feeble or automated requests. To get those ever so valuable links you’ve got to adopt the right mindset – the principles that show link targets you mean business and that you’re worth linking to. Here’s my baker’s dozen…

1. Know your marketplace The majority if not all of your potential quality links will come from the online marketplace around your industry. They will be made up of information web sites, forums, associations, logs and email newsletters specializing in your industry. You really must get to know this marketplace and you must establish your position within it. To do that you … Read the rest

Brand New Link Building Methods

Link baiting is getting new methods everyday. The latest to be added to the list are Rockets, Sleepers, Late Bloomers, Duds, Honey Pots, Screwdrivers and Pubs. Most of us have never heard of them before and that is why it’s such a lovely linkbait itself.


Rockets are articles that manage to catch the interest of web sites and readers right now. The point is to be there first with the news, so that your site is the one all the other bloggers and search sites are linking to.


A sleeper is an article that does not take off like a rocket. Instead of thousands, you get a few hundred readers the first week — or even less. Still, in the long run this article may outperform a successful rocket.


A screwdriver is a piece of online software that provides a service. A search engine is an obvious … Read the rest