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What You Should Look for in an SEO Company

Because of the growing success of SEO in internet marketing, web development companies today are now incorporating their own SEO campaigns to further increase their capability in providing quality websites for their clients; quality in terms of ROI (Return of Investment).

As part of the many strategies of internet marketing, SEO has become one of the most popular means of promoting a website through use of search engines. Search engines, as we all know, are the only gateway for us, users, to find the information around the web; most information coming from popular websites, others coming from those we didn’t even know exist. This is why SEO makes it its top priority to get a website to get the top rank on popular search engines such as Yahoo! and Google.

Many businesses today, such as yours, are about to make use of the services that an SEO company provides. But … Read the rest

Google Integrates a Virtual Keyboard to Search

Google has just rolled out a new search feature that would benefit those who search using non-English language. If you’re one of these people you’d be glad to know that Google search now features a virtual keyboard that would let you type search keywords in your own language.

Wait, it’s not really a touchscreen virtual keyboard like what the iPhone and other touchscreen phones have but an “onscreen keyboard” which you control using your computer’s keyboard. You can either click on the virtual keys or by pressing the corresponding keys on your computer’s keyboard.

You will see this virtual keyboard if you use Google search in any of the non-English languages supported by Google’s virtual search keyboard. A keyboard icon will appear on the left-most corner of the screen which when you click on it will bring out the virtual keyboard.

More details about the Google Search virtual keyboard can … Read the rest

Top 5 Strategies and Tactics That an SEO Company Does

SEO… Know anything about it? Well for one, SEO is considered to be among the newest of the many forms of Internet Marketing. And, it’s also considered to be among the most popular trends in internet marketing. But why is it that SEO still frightens a lot of us? Although SEO is one of the most popular, many of us still considers “It” as among the most complicated strategy for internet marketing.

But you know, despite the techno-R2-D2 dialect things that the dudes from an SEO department throws at you such as SEMs, Page Ranks, Keyword stuffing or density, Algorithms, SERPs, Alt Tags, Anchor Texts, Inbound or Outbound Links… SEO is as simple as it gets. It’s as simple as it’s called – Search Engine Optimization, and all you have to do is to optimize the website for search engines to find it easily. The only thing about it is … Read the rest

How to improve SEO of your website quickly

Following are small quickies you should DIY for cheap and quick SEO of your site.

Choose good keywords
Time spent researching and selecting the best keywords will be time well spent. Get this step right and you will reap the rewards further down the line. However, if you fail at this stage your future efforts could be in vain. To help you achieve the most effective keywords take a look at these keyword research tools.

Always use the title tag
The title tag is one of the most important tags when it comes to search engine optimisation. Write a unique title tag for each page on your web site. The title tag should accurately reflect the page content, should make sense to visitors and should also include your keywords or phrases, ideally at the beginning of the tag.

Write a good Meta Description tag
While the Meta Description tag will … Read the rest